People and Digital Teams

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The most important pillar that supports all successful marketing teams are the PEOPLE you hire, and the PEOPLE who lead them.

Over the past 10 years, I have recruited, hired, coached and managed high-performing digital marketing teams locally, as well as remote teams in Toronto and Montreal.

As part of that team-building process, I have interviewed hundreds of applicants and hired, managed and coached over 70 brilliant and high-achieving digital specialists.

From scoping roles and preparing accurate job descriptions to performance management and growth planning, if you are building or growing your in-house team I can help guide the process to ensure you have the best people in the right positions.

I strongly believe that successful teams all share the same criteria…

  • Select the best people for the right positions
  • Coach and train everyone to a consistent level
  • Empower and trust them to manage themselves
  • Recognize and reward individual and team success
  • Communicate regularly and be open and informal
  • Encourage personal growth and manage performance on an on-going basis

If you are struggling with staffing issues or an under-performing or unmotivated digital marketing team, let’s talk!