Does Your Digital Marketing Drive Results?

Can you answer these questions about your current marketing?

  • Is your brand's positioning message clear, consistent and understandable?
  • Does your current messaging align with your mission and company objectives?
  • Are you effectivly reaching the right target audience with your marketing?
  • Do your marketing KPIs make sense, and can they be accurately measured?
  • Can you easily access your marketing KPI's when you need to?

In the uncertain and unprecedented times we find ourselves living through, your marketing needs to be agile and ready for change. What will “the new reality” look like, and how will it impact how and where you sell your product or services?  How do you adjust your marketing during and post-pandemic? I can help you answer these questions and develop a digital marketing strategy that’s right for your specific business and industry.

I believe in Data-Driven and Customercentric Marketing, which is an approach to developing a digital marketing strategy designed around your customer’s needs and interests. It is about prioritizing your customer over any other factor, and using a blend of intuition, common sense, and measurable data to understand your existing customer’s behaviour and anticipate their needs. 


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A strong leader and knowledgable resource for all things digital, Michael was instrumental in building and leading the SEM and SEO teams at Mediative. Michael’s ability to manage digital marketing teams across the country demonstrated his effectiveness and versatility.
Dan Pozo
Digital Marketing Director - Coast Appliances

Your business is unique, and so are your marketing needs!

Off-the-shelf marketing strategies just may not be right for you.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

A successful online strategy needs to align with both your off-line marketing efforts, and your company's mission and objectives.

Website Data Analysis

Website Data Analysis

Everything online should be measurable and quantifiable, and data-driven marketing decisions require accurate data and the correct metrics.

Web Analytics
Recruitment & Coaching

Recruitment & Coaching

A high-performance marketing team starts with finding the best people with the right skills, who share your company’s vision and goals. You then layer-on coaching and training.

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How Can I Help?

To the right are just a few areas I have assisted clients in. From Hospitality to e-Commerce, and not-for-profit organizations, I can help you get your online marketing on-track and producing measurable results!

  • Develop effective & realistic online marketing strategies
  • Performance Coaching of in-house Digital Marketing Teams
  • User Experience Evaluation and Conversion Optimization
  • Increase operational effectiveness with a focus on the customer
  • Identify the best KPI’s for measuring your marketing success
  • Integration of online and traditional marketing campaigns

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